Test and learn your way to a hit product

Test and learn your way to a hit product

Slash your market research budget with an automated, AI-powered solution that allows you to experiment in the market and make data-driven decisions about what product to develop next, what messaging to use in your campaigns, and how to price your product.

Rapid experiments to find your winning business strategy



Gather competitive intelligence about the competition


Test versions

Test different versions of your product with digital ads to see what the market wants before development


Test pricing

Test different pricing strategies to discover what your prospects will pay


Develop roadmap

Develop your product roadmap by checking which versions your customers are most interested in

Understand what the competition does well, then do it better 

Heatseeker gathers competitive intelligence on how your competition approaches pricing, messaging, and business models, so you can take what works and do it even better. 
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Find out what the market wants before launching

Put your money into what the market actually wants by testing variations of your product to see what customers actually engage with to achieve product-market fit far in advance. 
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Find the perfect audience and channel through in-market tests

Invest your resources in channels and audiences that will get you where you’re 
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Parenting startup boosts conversions by 42% in saturated market

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You can accelerate your workflow with Heatseeker's seamless integration into your work stack, ensuring you move faster and more efficiently. Heatseeker supports tools like Google stack, Hubspot, Excel, Dovetail, Miro etc.



Whether it's a digital product, marketing campaign, or a new business venture, Heatseeker AI empowers you to compare and contrast, offering comprehensive insights for all your use cases.



Heatseeker is secure by default, ensuring that no data is stored beyond project closure. All data is encrypted and exclusively used for analysis purposes, with a commitment to not retain PII.

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