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Kate O'Keeffe
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This article was published on Smart Company on February 8, 2024.

The narrative of Australian startups is one of mutual support and empowerment. Giants like Canva, Dovetail, and Atlassian epitomise this ethos by equipping founders with the resources they need for fast and effective development. In this context, Heatseeker is a remarkable addition. It offers startups a platform to test and refine their strategies live in the market, conserving effort and budget until the direction is clear and assured.

Co-founded by product marketing veterans Kate O’Keeffe and Fiona Triaca, the AI-powered company pioneers a unique approach to growth for emerging businesses that blend human engagement with data science. The vision is simple: to give scale-ups the power to test and learn their way to better business decision-making and sustainable growth.

Reshaping Startup Success with Heatseeker

Heatseeker’s methodology offers simplicity and impact. It scans the market for information about a company’s industry, presents insights to its team, and then turns them into digital campaigns using AI-generated copy and graphics. The platform launches these experiments, testing different messaging variations, graphics, and pricing, among many others. Then, it determines which versions generate the most real-world engagement and analyses these results using data science. Teams use this real-world information to decide which feature to develop next, which channels or niche markets to target, how to price their product, and which expressions of a value proposition speak to their audience’s worldview.

This progressive strategy has yielded significant achievements. Since its December 2023 pre-release, Heatseeker has engaged a user base exceeding 200 and has a growing waitlist for its next release.

The strong interest from scaleups prompted Heatseeker to raise its pre-seed funding to  $1.3 million, surpassing their initial target of $500,000. This surge in investment, including $420,000 from US angel investors and venture capital firm Euphemia, is allocated for team expansion and the development of the alpha release, set for launch in early February 2024.

Navigating Uncertainty in the Tech Landscape

The US and Australian scale-ups face daunting odds. The global software market, valued at nearly $390 billion, is a domain of industry titans. Heatseeker, however, stands as a democratiser of scaleup growth, offering smaller players strategic tools to compete effectively.

As one industry expert explains, “Innovative as it is, growth service companies face the challenge of adapting to the multifaceted nature of startups, which require more than just data-driven strategies.”

Understanding Heatseeker’s Edge

The business excels in crafting AI-driven experiments that delve deep into market dynamics. “Our AI is finely tuned to identify subtleties that elude conventional research methods,” O’Keeffe explains. This technique enables brands to refine their offerings and align them with evolving consumer preferences

Early users are seeing the value in the promise. As Matt Vitale, the CEO of Birchal, explains, “Heatseeker is helping us identify new value propositions and test these in the market — so I know we are investing resources and time in areas with the most potential.”

Examining the Expanding Role of AI in Growth

Today’s SaaS tools allow anyone with an idea to start a company. The challenge is ensuring longevity, relevance, and growth through confident, data-backed decisions. “Heatseeker supports founders in making better growth decisions. Often, SaaS solutions like ChatGPT help organisations move faster. But what if you need help deciding which way to go? Have you got access to a critical mass of your ideal customer segment to expose to your thinking at a moment’s notice? Our tool helps you set course with confidence,” says Triaca.

Moving forward, the team is focused on sustaining and scaling this model. “Our customers determine how Heatseeker evolves. We’re heatseeking our own value propositions and product roadmap,” Triaca says.

In a hypercompetitive landscape where startup failure is all too common, Heatseeker wants to help founders defy the odds. O’Keeffe explains, “If success for a startup is getting in enough customer feedback and enough pivots to reach product-market fit before you run out of cash, we feel that lowering the cost and increasing the speed of getting that data will be instrumental in supporting the next generation of startups.”

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Kate O'Keeffe
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