Finding the right messaging and generating 17 early leads for end-of-life planning startup

Neya Abdi
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The Challenge

Arc Of Life is an early-stage startup that wants to change how people record their life’s legacy by digitizing their legal, financial, and health records. End of life planning helps people ensure that their wishes will be respected and eases the burden on their loved ones who will already be managing the emotional toll of their passing.

Heatseeking the Problem

Founder Thena Johnstone knew she wanted to run experiments, but she wasn’t sure how to tackle this herself. That’s when she came across Heatseeker. 

“I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, and his advice was to run lots of little tests and lots of experiments to validate your assumptions, and really work out what customer needs are. I’ve been running interviews, but I wasn’t quite sure what experiments to run. I stumbled across Heatseeker on LinkedIn, and I was like, ‘Magic! That’s what I need!’” – Thena Johnstone, Founder, Arc Of Life

Within a week, Arc Of Life was able to start a successful campaign to test its value proposition and understand the best results to give its customers. 

A facebook post by Arc of Life with the title ''Your legacy, Cyber secured

The Results

Within a week, Arc Of Life was able to start a successful campaign that has already generated 14 leads for the early-stage startup. “It just really feels like the journey’s starting,” says Thena. “To be able to test fast like that is amazing so thank you, Heatseeker.” 

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Neya Abdi

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