Parenting startup boosts conversions by 42%

Neya Abdi
February 7, 2024
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Parenting startup boosts conversions by 42% 

Heatseeker helped Cooper, a parenting startup, boost conversions by 42% by using our test and learn platform. Read the full story below.  

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Cooper heatseeking results by the numbers.

Heatseeker helped Cooper maximize their marketing budget and decrease customer acquisition costs.

42% Increase in conversions
Decrease in cost per click

The Challenge

Cooper, an online platform for parenting coaches, needed a better way to find new users. The parenting market is competitive, and the idea of an online parenting coach is unfamiliar to many. Cooper needed a way to meet the market where it was. They wanted to figure out who their early adopters could be, develop messaging that could resonate with users, and focus on the channels that would get them the most results. The alternative would be spending thousands of dollars on PPC ads using untested messaging and without targeting a niche audience. 

Heatseeking the Problem

Heatseeker helped Cooper gather data from the market in order to make better decisions and increase customer acquisition. This included an analytical review of competitors to understand what language was working best and to identify trends in the market that could help them identify underserved segments. This competitive intelligence allowed the Heatseeker team to create ad campaigns that used multiple variations of copy and targeted several different audiences. As a result, the Cooper team identified an underserved market for parenting advice: LGBTQIA+ parents. This empowered Cooper to take its solution – on-demand parenting advice from experts – and deliver it to an engaged and interested audience. 

The Results

After using Heatseeker, Cooper witnessed an increase in engagement, with a notable improvement in clicks from real prospects in the market. The parenting startup increased conversions by 42%, the average cost per click (CPC) went down by 44%, and week over week sign ups of new users increased.  

“Exciting news! We have been running ads for a week and have seen a decrease in our CPC and an increase in sign-ups. So awesome!” Genevieve Liston, growth consultant for Cooper

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Neya Abdi

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