Wellness patches company finds “sticky” messaging with AI personas

Neya Abdi
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Wellness patches company finds “sticky” messaging with AI personas  

Heatseeker helped a brand in the wellness space:

  • Find language-market fit for its new wellness product using AI personas
  • Develop the right description and wellness claim that will lead customers to buy

The Challenge

Heatseeker AI worked with a wellness brand that develops stick-on patches for everything from mosquito bites to UV protection. While their marketing team had a significant budget dedicated to market tests on Meta, they wanted to find a more efficient way to test different value propositions and find out which one would resonate most with their audience.

Heatseeking the Problem

The wellness brand wanted to test the language-market fit for its UV patches that change color when the wearer needs more sunscreen. We ran over 100 micro tests on Facebook across more than 170 potential packaging language combinations. This included variations of the product’s value proposition and its main health claims. We used AI Customers to help prioritize the best brand name and wellness claim combinations for live market testing.  

The Results

We used data about the company’s target audience to create an AI-generated persona named Emily who carried the same sentiments as this brand’s potential buyers. Emily is a 32-year-old marketing coordinator who wants to find a product that ensures her kids stay safe while playing in the sun. Emily reacted to several versions of the product’s language, indicating factors that interested her or caused concern.

An image of a woman with AI Persona presented showing goals, preferred channels of communication, challenges
Snapshot of the AI persona, Emily
A table between emily's reaction and main concerns
Snapshot of Emily's reactions and concerns to the value propositions

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Neya Abdi

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