HEATSEEKER IS LIVE! Data is the new gold – and Heatseeker can help you turn it into business growth

Kate O'Keeffe
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Data is the new gold – and only a few people know how to mine it.  

Until now.  

Today, we released the self-serve, end-to-end version of Heatseeker, a platform that gives founders and their teams the ability to run market tests on demand, so they can test and learn everything about their product.  

We’re so excited to start welcoming people onto the platform. Many of our early adopters are founders just like us, who want a tool that makes it as easy as possible to understand customers’ needs.  

The world is full of data. And the people who know how to gather, analyze, and interpret that data can build game-changing businesses.  

Every founder should have the power to test and learn

If you’ve been in the startup world, you know that social media tests have become a popular strategy for business validation in recent years.  

But it’s a manual process that requires an understanding of data science, test creation, and results analytics. Plus, current strategies either rely on an organization’s in-house data science team or individuals with large social media followings to test an idea with their audience, which locks out new founders.  

It’s time to change that.  

What can founders accomplish with Heatseeker?

The current release of our product is all about helping founders find the right value proposition for their product, so they can figure out what makes customers hit ‘pause’ on scrolling and press ‘play’ on their product. Right now, founders can do the following in Heatseeker:  

  1. Understand the competition at a glance: Heatseeker scans the market to tell you who your competitors are, what their unique value proposition is, what they offer, what their pricing is, and more.  
  1. Generate data-backed value propositions: Heatseeker uses market intel plus competitive analysis to draft on-point value propositions.
  1. Test and learn in our Experiments Lab: Find out what the market wants BEFORE you execute on an entire go-to-market strategy by testing and learning in our value propositions experiments lab

Tell us how we can make this experience first class for you

We’re currently in the alpha phase of our product, so we’re eager to hear what users have to say.  

Heatseeker is all about making testing and learning as easy and accessible as possible for founders – whether they have data science experience or not.  

If there’s a way that we can make the product better for you, let us know. There’s an Intercom chatbot within the product where you can ask for help or make suggestions. Someone from the Heatseeker Team will get back to you with the answers you need.  

10 out of 10 startups can succeed – data is the key

At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure 10 out of 10 startups can succeed by having access to the market data they need to make informed decisions.  

Of course, data is nothing without people – people to generate it and people to turn it into impactful experiences.  

Thank you to everyone on the Heatseeker Team for making this release possible. And a special thank you to all the friends of Heatseeker: Dom Pym, Jason Goecke, John Stewart, Stefan Leitl, Susie Schwartz, Craig Brown, and Pilar Esteban.

We look forward to seeing you on the platform!

Happy Heatseeking!

Kate and Fi

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Kate O'Keeffe

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