Do your users have "action block"?

Neya Abdi
June 4, 2024
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Hello, fearless founders. Welcome to the latest issue of Relentless, your weekly dispatch about all things testing, learning, and growing.

Do your users have "action block"? Learn how Canva overcame the "fear of the blank page."

Ever hear of "action block"? It's kind of like writer's block. It's when you're unsure how or where to get started. Helping your users overcome this can help you go from free trials to paid conversions. Canva overcame action block or "fear of the blank page" with some cool challenges to users. Watch the interview with Cameron Adams, co-founder and chief product officer at Canva at the link below.

Listen to the Interview

Heatseeker auto-generates value propositions so you have a strong starting point

Heatseeker auto-generates value propositions – no blank screens here

Speaking of action block, did you know that Heatseeker gives you a starting point for your value propositions and market tests? Pop your URL into Heatseeker, and it'll use our AI to generate value propositions for your target market. You can edit them before launching a live market test. No fear of the blank page here!

Get Instant Value Props

What our users have to say: Stella Startups

Thank you to Stella Startups for the stellar review!

"If your startup's product is already live in market, you should ideally get some leads or even sales from live ad tests (and if not, perhaps there's a learning about product-market fit). Additionally, it could save a lot of budget by testing campaign messaging before investing in creating all campaign assets around a particular concept."

Read the full review

Looking for more info about a specific topic? Helping founders is Heatseeker’s purpose, so leave a comment with your requests and we’ll get you the goods.

In the meantime, Happy Heatseeking!

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Neya Abdi

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