Using market tests to find Jobs To Be Done

Neya Abdi
June 11, 2024
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Hello, fearless builders. Welcome to the latest issue of Relentless, your weekly dispatch about all things testing, learning, and growing.

Find customer needs for your JTBD exercise using market tests

The Jobs To Be Done Framework is a popular tool for product developers, but it has one challenge: identifying customer needs. Traditionally, teams have used customer interviews and surveys to fill in the blanks. Live market tests can help you do this faster. We break it down for you in the blog article linked below.

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How to turn patience into a competitive advantage

Patience is the ability to deal with discomfort in pursuit of a goal. This is an incredibly important skill for builders (whether of a product or an entire business) to possess. It takes time for the vision in your head to become reality, especially if you need to communicate that vision to teammates. This article from Manoj Adithya offers a great overview of how entrepreneurs (typically inclined to move fast) can use patience as a way to withstand turbulent market conditions, fail smart, build lasting relationships, and more.

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Link to full virtual demo.

Feature Highlight: Benefits Test

Check out the virtual demo above for an overview of how to access and use a Benefits Test on Heatseeker. Benefits Tests help you identify the outcomes customers want from your products.

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Looking for more info about a specific topic? Helping builders is Heatseeker’s purpose, so leave us a comment with your requests and we’ll get you the goods.

In the meantime, Happy Heatseeking!

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Neya Abdi

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