How to keep the peace through product pivots

Neya Abdi
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Hello, fearless founders. Welcome to the latest issue of Relentless, your weekly dispatch about all things testing, learning, and growing.

Product pivots leading to war? This age-old trick can help you keep the peace

How do you build trust when product development in today’s market is an iterative process that requires experimentation and learning from mistakes? As former VP of Product at Netflix Gibson Biddle said,

“Building a great product is a creative, chaotic process which you won’t get right every time, so you have to also be learning from success and failure.”

The trick is infusing storytelling into product strategy. A product leader who understands storytelling doesn’t just gain buy-in for their product, they also increase employee morale and limit turnover. This way, when things change, employees have a big picture to refer to, instead of weaving their own narrative out of fear and doubts. Of course, this story can’t be shared once. It has to be shared over and over again.

Check out this piece on product storytelling from Alex Valaitis that breaks down how companies have grown through storytelling. Sometimes, you’re telling this story to consumers (Steve Jobs and Apple) and other times, you’re focusing on moving investors (Jeff Bezos and Amazon).

Data + storytelling combined create a powerful combination

Of course, storytelling without meaningful data can undermine credibility. But how do you gather data at scale, when you’re iterating too fast for constant user interviews? One way to build excitement around a product roadmap is to show the number of customers that have actively shown interest in an unbuilt feature.

The Features test is coming soon to Heatseeker’s suite of experiments. With our Features test, you can discover how many customers click on an ad for an upcoming feature, fill out a form, or join a waitlist. Saying, “We’ve got the contact information of people waiting to use – and pay for! – this feature" is a powerful way to motivate your team and investors.

Can’t wait for the full release? Book a demo with a member of our team to get a preview of the Features test.

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BIG NEWS: Heatseeker has been accepted into Jason Calacanis’ Founder University program

Heatseeker has been accepted into Jason Calacanis' Founder University program in California. Less than 10% of startups are accepted.

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VIDEO: How companies grow using Heatseeker

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In the meantime, Happy Heatseeking!

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Neya Abdi

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