Leads, leads everywhere but no clue what to do

Neya Abdi
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Hello, fearless founders. Welcome to the latest issue of Relentless, your weekly dispatch about all things testing, learning, and growing.

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Here’s a good problem to have: Too many leads and nothing to give them – ‘til now.

Here’s a great question: What do I do with the leads I generate from my experiments? And what if I haven’t built the thing people are interested in. Even though Heatseeks are primarily designed to gather data on user behavior and inform growth strategies, they can also help you grow in real time by generating leads! This article breaks down exactly what to do with all of the leads your Heatseeks generate.

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A/B Testing

“Anyone at the company can test anything—without management’s permission.”

If you want to build a test-and-learn culture, your words have to match your actions. Booking.com enjoyed exponential growth thanks to its committed approach to experimentation. But that meant that even when a test seemed risky – like playing with the company home page before the busy holiday travel season – both the skeptical CEO and head of experiments had to trust the process.

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I have no idea how to run tests – and I’m too busy to learn.

A/B testing is important in today’s marketplace, but it can be hard to do manually and expensive to purchase. But your business likely already understands and uses PPC networks, like LinkedIn and Meta, to get the word out about your brand, products, and services, and you can use your existing spend to run market tests at the same time. Book a 1:1 demo for a VIP tour of how Heatseeking makes testing easier, so you can grow with confidence.

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In the meantime, Happy Heatseeking!

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Neya Abdi

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